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What Makes A Good Property Manager?

Good property managers do so much more than listed here. A good property manager is ultimately

responsible for a specific amount of outcome for the
property owner.

Property managers are licensed real estate
professionals that perform all of these task while
ensuring compliance with real estate laws.

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Screening and Qualifying Tenants

The ultimate goal of any tenant selection is finding a tenant who you can be assured as possible will pay the rent in full and on time every month and take care
of your property.

  • To make sure the tenant is abiding by the terms of the rental agreement and taking care of the property.

  • Agreement violations are addressed with an initial face to face to conversation first. If it is not corrected we follow up with a “Notice to Cure or Quit”. This is a formal document that informs tenant in writing that they are in violation of the lease agreement and they need to come into compliance.

  • The periodic inspections will be documented with pictures and notes.

Pricing Your Rental

This critical step will determine how long your
property is on the market and the quality of the
tenants you attract.


Once your property Is “rent ready” you need to
determine how much to set the rent for. With
online sites like Zillow providing their “ rent
Zestimate”, it’s a fairly straight forward process to
determine the market value of your rental property.

Getting Your Property Ready to Rent

  • Your rental property needs to be in great condition. Period.

  • Regardless of the type of property you own, your most important variable (other then location ) is the condition and quality of your rental property.

  • Any real estate investor who understands this will be
    willing to invest the money needed to maximize the potential rent and attract the best possible long term

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